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What Makes Elida's Different?

Elida's has remained organic since it's beginning. We spend time getting to know all of our employees and clients; we refuse to be just another fast food style cleaning service.

We help our clients to help us build them a personal and unique plan based on their standards because this lets us offer a fair price based on what you want accomplished, not how many rooms you have or what the square footage of your home or office is.

There's no gimmicks with Elida's: no contracts, no cancellation fees, no add-on fees, no deposits, and we never lock you into a flat rate.

Why Choose Elida's?

Elida's only provides premium cleaning and always sends the same team member. We don't just wipe down visible surfaces, we clean and sanitize in, under, and behind everything. We have a proactive, not reactive approach; it's not enough to just remove dirt and germs, but to prevent them from coming back. 

The reason we don't book appointments online is because our clients aren't just another number. Instead of giving generic estimates based on the number of rooms, we make it a point to meet every customer to listen to their wants and needs.

Our goal isn't to save time, but to make time to provide you with the best results so you can focus your time in your day. Flexibility is a core value of ours that lets us offer you more options for better outcomes.

A high value cleaning is our standard, if we don't meet your expectations we will clean what we didn't do well free of charge.

Middle Aged Woman

"Cara is very easy to communicate my wants and needs with. She listens and does exactly what I ask. She is VERY hard working and does a thorough job. The products they use are GREAT! I just moved to the area so I am so happy I found her and her company."

Valerie B.

Elida's Cleaning

Whole Home Cleaning

Personalized Plans

True Deep Cleaning

Specialty Floor Care

Professional Look

Increase Productivity

Increase Staff Morale


Spread of



100% Quality 


No Contrats

No Cancellation Fees

No Deposits

Healthy Products

Kid and Pet Friendly

Kill Bacteria & Viruses

Increase Air Quality

Trusted Brands

Commercial Tools

Tested & Approved

We Supply Everything

Appreciation Discounts

Highly Valued Employees

Family Owned & Operated

24/7 Support

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