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About Us

Elida's Cleaning L.L.C.

We've been in the business of providing our communities with superior results since 2013. Countless hours are spent researching the science behind cleaning methods and solutions and our team spends months testing new products and tools. The core of our business is our employees.

Our team doesn't just clean but cares for our customers and as a family owned and operated company our team members are our family. A key reason for us using safe products is to make our staff and their health a priority, that also enables them to make you and your wants and needs their priority.


Our model puts the control in the customers hands; your home, your office, your rules. We're not just another generic chain cleaning company, remaining organic and flexible has helped us offer our clients a truly exciting and exceptional experience.


Expectations and standards set during the consultation helps us create security for each individual client. Creating a healthier environment and lifestyle is a group effort and we count on you to help us to help you cultivate the best atmosphere for you, your family, and your property.

Join us in making our communities a little cleaner one project at a time. From everyone here at Elida's, thank you so much for your time and consideration, and please enjoy the rest of your day.


                                                        - Elida

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